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Green Build – SANY SY215C and SY135C in waste application

Green Build Environmental Ltd was formed by Ben and Tracy Haines. Formed in September 2013 their head office is based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. They operate two Soil Recycling Centres in Purfleet and Elsenham. The husband and wife team both have vast experience in the haulage and recycling industries having worked for several the largest players around the London region for several years. Wanting to offer a first-class service to the construction industry, they formed Green Build Environmental Ltd to initially undertake the handling of non-hazardous soils from sites in London and the South East before quickly developing a plant hire side to the business, to work hand in hand with their large muck shifts. From the out-set the company has aimed to offer their clients a full and comprehensive material management.


Moving from a more recognised brand to that of the relatively unknown brand of SANY, didn’t deter the company owners. “The advice we were getting was to look at the emerging Chinese brands.” Ben commented. “It was the combination of competent sales staff, a promise of first-class service and back-up and the robust build with proven components that swayed us to take two excavators.” Taking the first SY215C and followed shortly by a SY135C.


With the completion of their new Elsenham recycling centre, the company has invested again in a new SY215C due in the main to the excellent reliability of the first machine. “The machine had been faultless” Ben explained. “This made the choice of new excavator a relatively straightforward one.”


Having secured multiple bulk-dig contracts in London’s East End, including a 109,000m3 dig and cart package on the Isle of Dogs at the former Westferry Printworks site, Green Build Environmental rely on the build quality of the SANY excavator. Down-time and delays on projects such as this is costly with such large volumes of material requiring moving to tight programs.


“When we were looking at the first SANY we wanted something practical and reliable and that is just what we got.” Ben explains “The reliability was amazing and so far, the new model is the same. We have been impressed with the upgrades to the engine and the specification, but it is still the shear digging power that impresses us.” The company’s plans include the replacement of the machines on a regular basis. With the first machines nearing that age they were put up for private sale with one of Green Build’s regular customers snapping the SY215C up immediately and the SY135C being sold very soon after.