SANY excavators are a proven purchase for AB2000 - 三一日本株式会社(本社)
SANY excavators are a proven purchase for AB2000

In the winter of 2015, Glasgow based AB2000 decided to try a 22-tonne SANY excavator on an extended demonstration, putting some of the company’s most experienced operators behind the controls. Following a successful trial period, working on high profile projects such as the M8 motorway upgrades and the Queensferry Crossing road bridge, AB2000 decided to purchase four SANY SY215C excavators.


Over two years later, with thousands of hours on the clock and outstanding levels of reliability and performance, AB2000 decided to add a further nine SANY excavators to their fleet. Today, the Glasgow based company is running a fleet of 16 SANY excavators.


This fleet now includes a mix of SANY SY135’s, SY215’s and SY335’s.


“Reliability is a key consideration for us when purchasing new machines and we have to say our first four SANY excavators have been some of the most reliable in our fleet of over 250 machines” commented Bill Marsh, Plant Director AB2000. Bill continued “When it came time to purchase new excavators, we had no hesitation to choose SANY as their proven reliability combined with proven components such as Isuzu engines and Kawasaki hydraulics have never let us down”.